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Snow fell all around us, then we broke free of the tree cover.The Winter Temple, we all saw it. Ice encrusted it, like an upside down icicle that never realised to stop growing. Windows were clearly visible although none of them lit, we approached the door to find that every inch of the ice has been inscribed with strange black runes. We are scared. But we must do this to save the people. I write this before we enter. Should we fail, I hope that someone else may find this journal, it may help them.


  • Final entry into Baladir Kilwraith’s journal, found frozen in his grasp

Winter Temple Runes

    • White dice with beautifully black inlay.
    • Polyhederal dice set containing 1x D20,D12,D10,D8,D6,D4 and percentile die
    • Set Includes A Free The Dice Miners Branded premium velvet dice bag worth £2.50 to keep your new dice set safe!
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