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The Dice Miners is a UK retailer of dice. Born from the love of Dungeons and Dragons, Era Survival by Shades of Vengeance, Warhammer; as well as the community that surrounds table top gaming. 

Wherever Ben (the founder) travelled for work with the armed forces (and he moved around a lot!). Ben always found that he had a group of friends who treated him like family because of their shared connection from dungeons and dragons (We honestly think that this is the coolest part about dungeons and dragons!). It is because of this shared community that Ben (with the help of his Fiancé Ashleigh), sought a way to turn his love for gaming and passion for the D&D community into an everyday event.

We aim to achieve this, by bringing you the coolest of dice! Be they stripy dice, big ol’ table breaking chonky dice, eye meltingly colourful, or shiny metal click clacks to enjoy with all of your friends. We want to supply them all and more. Most of all we want to build a community of people telling stories, epic tales, grand adventures and friendship. All of this through the wonderful world that is table top gaming. 

So welcome, adventurers of the mine. 

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