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Wyvern poison stains, throughout your career as a smyth/ armourer you may encounter wyvern poison staining upon metals. Most commonly from would be wyvern tamers. ( be sure to collect payment upfront for such individuals as they usually expire before debts are settled) 

Unlike acid stains Wyvern Poisons-

  • Do not degrade the metal

  • Leave pink/purple streaking

  • Impossible to remove without UNIVERSAL SOLVENT

Additional notes,

  • Some collectors may desire this effect


Armourer and smyths shop guide. 5th edition, Pg.12

Wyvern Metal

    • Purple and silver acrylic swirled together. Finished with white numbering.
    • Polyhederal dice set containing 1x D20,D12,D10,D8,D6,D4 and percentile die
    • Set Includes A Free The Dice Miners Branded premium velvet dice bag worth £2.50 to keep your new dice set safe!
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