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“ The burly dwarf warrior gestures for you to pull up a stool by the fire as he pours you a flagon of ale. Listen here friends, let me tell you of the most beautiful sight I ever saw when travelling the woodland realm. The elves lead us to a clearing by a Great Lake. And there I saw the the purest little pink ducks you have ever laid eyes on, all the pain and stress fell away from us all. I say they must have been enchanted, after my travels I crafted the perfect momento of the sights I saw. Which I have encapsulated in a clear cube with a blue colour to always remind me, I still feel the stress of life leave me just looking at the reminder. The dwarf hands each of you a little resin die with a pink duck inside” 


“Good luck travellers” he says to you “you may need it”

The Ducks

    • Miniature duck models, resting ontop of blue resin topped with a clear resin for our little ducks to look like they are swimming on a minature lake within their dice. Finished with white numbers for great contrast.
    • Polyhederal dice set containing 1x D20,D12,D10,D8,D6,D4 and percentile die
    • Set Includes A Free The Dice Miners Branded premium velvet dice bag worth £2.50 to keep your new dice set safe! 
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