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The party came to a clearing in the forest, a beautiful carpet of spongy green moss surrounding a glittering blue pool. A welcome contrast from the forest in which they are traveling. A few deer were taking sips of water from the oasis in the woodland clearing. “This looks like an excellent spot for us to make our camp this evening” said the half elf ranger slipping the pack from his shoulders “whos for a warm drink?” followed up the cleric pulling out a mess kit from their own pack

Direwood Oasis

    • Blue and Green shimmering dice with. Finished with white numbering for great contrast and visability.
    • Polyhederal dice set containing 1x D20,D12,D10,D8,D6,D4 and percentile die
    • Set Includes A Free The Dice Miners Branded premium velvet dice bag worth £2.50 to keep your new dice set safe!
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